Warning: Stolen Rakija Is Lethal!

Confiscated poisonous alcoholic beverages made by “Zivadinovic” company have been stolen from burglarized storage of Center for viticulture and fruit harvesting in Nis, town in the south of Serbia, where they had been stored in 1998. In the period during 1997. and 1998 when this rakija containing poisonous alcohol was sold, 43 people have died after consuming it.

Around 750 liters of this rakija was stored in the warehouse waiting to be destroyed.

After the court order on destroying the dangerous rakija, it was transported to a heating plant in Krusevac, town in central Serbia, but the local environment inspector prevented it from being destroyed, demanding the study on rakija’s influence on environment to be made. Since then, the poisonous alcohol was kept in the warehouse in Nis.