Young Gay Disowned By Parents Tries To Commit Suicide

According to Blic, Serbian daily newspaper, twenty-year old Stefan Radovic from Kursumlija, a small town in south of Serbia, tried to commit suicide by taking a large amount of sedatives. He was brought to the hospital in Kursumlija on time, and his condition is stable now.

Stefan announced earlier his intention on social networks.

“I am seriously considering taking my own life tonight, I can’t take it any more, people… I’ve had enough. I never knew how to hate and never wished evil upon anyone. Even now while I hold these pills I love you all…” wrote Stefan on his facebook profile.

“Gay-Straight Alliance” organization, which paid for Stefans accommodation in Belgrade for a period of time, after trying to reach him on the phone without success, reported the case in Kursumlija.

When Stefan Radovic decided to admit to his family that he was homosexual, he was condemned by everyone except for his younger sister. His parents forced him out of the house, so he had to live in Nis and Belgrade for a while, but returned home after a while.